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19. How to Make Multiple 6-Figures Using High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Feb 08, 2024

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Meet Dona M. Jolie: An unschooling mom who went from unfulfilled in motherhood to living her dream of traveling the world with her family, creating a multi-six figure online business, and supporting women + families around the globe to live lives of Limitless Freedom!

Dona and I have a candid conversation in this interview about what it takes to make it in this business --- because it’s definitely not for everyone, and not everyone can do it.

BUT it is possible, and with the right skillset and drive, it’s not just possible, it’s probable.

Dona had a vision for her life and how she wanted to raise her children that was outside of the norm - a life of travel, adventure, and experiencing different cultures.

She discovered this business over 5 years ago while she was living a cookie-cutter life in California, and now is living the life of her dreams with her kids in Bali.

If you’re intrigued by high ticket affiliate marketing and wondering if it’s right for you, then listen to the full episode to see if you have what it takes.

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