The Positive Parenting Framework

The Simple Guide to Let Go of Fear, Navigate Uncertainty, and Confidently Parent the Child in Front of You

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Imagine your best friend explaining the ins-and-outs of positive parenting.  She’s done her research, has first-hand experience, and only shares the stuff that works.

She walks you through a simple, step-by-step process that breaks down the complexities of parenting so you can easily apply what you’re learning to your daily life. 

She’s encouraging, supportive, and doesn’t expect you to be perfect. She believes you’re an awesome, capable parent and guides you gently as you navigate the ups and downs that come with raising kids.

That’s what this book is.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to handle the outbursts from your little one, or you feel like positive parenting isn’t practical when your child is determined to act out, or you are yelling, punishing, and parenting in a way you swore you never would then grab a copy of this book now. 

It contains practical tools so you can implement positive parenting strategies consistently without slipping into punishment.

Every book needs a companion :)

Get the fun sheets and resources from the book and put what you read into action.

Give me the resources!

About the Author

Lindsay Ford is a parenting coach, certified in Positive Discipline, who helps parents build cooperation in their young children and restore peace back into their home.

She’s been featured in MindBodyGreen, Motherly, Holistic Parent Magazine, the Boss Mom Podcast, and is part of the Thrive Global contributing community.

Lindsay lives in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada with her two children.

She offers support through her Parenting Mastery program (a course and group coaching program) and one-on-one coaching. 

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