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21. Luvyna Mantle: When All of the Random Jobs Lead to Something Great

Feb 28, 2024

From agriculture to running her own digital marketing business, and then blending those two worlds together, Luvyna Mantle's seemingly random and incongruent career path set her up perfectly create a unique business.

We talk about her journey of putting her goals of being in the agriculture business aside to support her husband's army career, being a "single mom" in many regards while he was stationed around the world, and then becoming the sole supporter of her family after he was placed on medical leave --- oh and this happened right at the time they brought their second baby into the world.

Whether you believe in divine intervention or can simply appreciate random coincidences that work our perfectly, this conversation is going to leave you with the faith that everything is working out as its meant to.

Luvyna Mantle, known as the "Tech Cowgirl," brings together over a decade of experience in both cattle ranching and marketing. With a BA in Business Studies from the University of Maryland and an extensive international agriculture business internship in Australia, she navigates the intersection of traditional agriculture with modern digital marketing, bridging the gap between the two worlds for ease and profitability.

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