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23. Robbie Gaskin: How She Got Rid of Migraines by Changing Her Water

Mar 10, 2024

Robbie Gaskin has a SUPER powerful story about a lifetime of debilitating migraines to being migraine-free for over a year now, simply by changing her water.

I'm blown away every time I hear Robbie’s story because her migraines started when she was 8 years old and lasted anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. She was prescribed a series of medications that left her feeling worse and with side effects.

Robbie’s job as a researcher had her reading scientific journals and led her to discover hydrogen-rich water as a potential solution to her migraines.

After researching water ionizing machines, she landed on Kangen and started drinking the water.

The first time she drank the Kangen water at the onset of a migraine, the migraine was gone in about 30 minutes, and now she’s been free of migraines for over a year.

You’re not going to want to miss this interview, because Robbie is able to explain the science behind hydrogen-rich, ionized water, and why it has the health affects it does.

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