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24. Fear is Part of the Process of Following Your Dreams

Mar 29, 2024


Let’s talk about the decision making process, because following your dreams and taking MASSIVE steps toward achieving them is NOT for the faint of heart.

First comes the excitement --- the dream.

You have this beautiful vision for your future and it’s finally starting to unfold.

You’re about to start a new business, or start traveling, or sell your house, or pull your kids out of school --- whatever it is. It’s happening.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, and skipping down a path of bliss.

Fear starts to set in.

What if you can’t do it?
What if this isn’t the right time?
Can I really afford to do this?
What if it doesn’t go as planned?
What if I make the wrong decision?

You start to listen to others around you who telling you it’s a scam, that you’re being irresponsible, that your kids are going to fall behind if they’re not in school, etc.

You second-guess yourself.
You’re not sure you’re capable.
Doubt creeps in.

THIS 👆👆👆👆is part of the process.

THIS is what happens when the new version of yourself, that’s calling you forward toward your dreams, comes up against your old thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and the fears that are keeping you stuck where you are.

THIS is your ego trying to keep you in your comfort zone, not wanting to shed those beliefs its become so attached to.

THIS is the part of the journey where it’s so easy to give up.

BUT…. this is the part of the journey where you simply need to ride the wave of emotions, notice what comes up, and ask yourself if it’s true and is it serving you?

Your intuition / future self / higher self already knows the answer.

YOU already know what the next steps are.

It’s simply time to let go of what is no longer serving you and courageously step into that new version of yourself.

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